• When can I enrol for Translator Training?

    You can enrol on our courses at any time of the year and follow them from anywhere in the world. You maintain contact with your tutor by email and/or phone at times that suit you, so you can choose your timetable and the pace at which you work.

  • Does it matter where in the world I live?

    No. It does not matter where you live; we have students from all over the world.

  • How long will my course of study be?

    Your course should be completed in a maximum of 12 months or, for students already registered for the DipTrans exam, before their scheduled exam date.

  • How are the courses delivered?

    Your course is delivered through online resources in the form of text-based materials, to be accessed via our website. The course book is for self-study and background reading, the translation assignments come with a clear task outline and your personal tutor will provide written feedback on your translations. Your one-to-one tutorials are conducted by email, phone or Skype and offer additional opportunities for exchange with your tutor.

  • What support will I have?

    You will have your own personal tutor to support you throughout your chosen course, who will help you to establish a study routine to fit around work, family and any other commitments you may have. Whilst the timing of assignments is completely flexible your tutor will advise you on a personal plan, with ideal study and revision periods between assignments and tutorials, to enable you to keep tabs on your progress. Your tutor can also advise on subject options and the timing of your exam entry.

  • How much time should I allow for exam preparation?

    The amount of time needed to reach a high standard of quality in translation can vary greatly and will depend on the experience you already have. As both the DipTrans exam registration period (1st April to 31st August) and the date of the exam (January) are fixed, the timing of your preparation should be carefully planned.

  • Will I have to buy additional study materials?

    Yes. Translators need adequate reference materials so you will have to equip yourself and gradually build up your resources. Whilst much terminology aid can be found on the web, only paper based reference works are allowed in the CIOL's DipTrans examination.

  • Can I send additional translations to my tutor for evaluation?

    Yes. If you would like to extend your six translation practice, whether to intensify your work before the examination or to cover different subject areas, you can do so by enrolling on a Follow-up course.

  • How do I choose which subjects to focus on in my DipTrans exam preparation?

    Most exam candidates choose to further develop their individual subject knowledge, as it is impractical to prepare for all six options. If you are not sure, on enrolment you may request assignments for as many subject areas as you like. You can then consider which areas represent the most realistic approach.

  • Can I choose a single subject area for my course to increase my experience?

    Yes. Whether you want to prepare for a specific option within the semi-specialised exam units or enhance your translation skills in a particular area for personal or professional reasons, you can structure your course to do precisely that.

  • Do I get a certificate if I don't take the DipTrans examination?

    Yes. On successful completion of your course you receive a Certificate of Completion, which may be used as evidence of Continuing Professional Development. The “Diploma in Translation” is awarded by the CIOL on successfully passing all three exam units.

  • What equipment will I need to follow the course?

    A computer (PC, Mac or iDevice), internet access, phone and/or Skype.

  • Where can I take the DipTrans exam?

    There are many official exam centres in the UK and venues world-wide where the exam can be taken. Please visit the Chartered Institute of Linguists web site or contact the CIOL's Central Registration Department for up-to-date information

  • Does the course automatically enter me for the exam?

    No. To register for the DipTrans examination, you will need to contact the CIOL's Central Registration Department between 1 May and 31 August in the year preceding the January examinations. For details please visit the Chartered Institute of Linguists web site

  • What are the entry requirements for the DipTrans examination?

    The Chartered Institute of Linguists does not require evidence of formal qualifications but stresses that candidates should have a level of linguistic competence at least equivalent to a good Honours Degree and/or extensive knowledge of the source language gained in a professional context. Candidates should also have excellent writing skills in the target language and thorough understanding of the source language and the target language cultures.

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