Introductory course

957760The Introductory Course is intended for people with no or only limited translation experience who are planning to build up their skills and study over a longer period.

It allows you to become familiar with translation techniques, understand the role of the translator and explore some theoretical aspects.

The guidance and advice your tutor provides on your translations will be geared towards your particular level and will include fundamental aspects of the translation process.

Your course is delivered through text-based materials and interaction with a designated translation tutor. The course book is for self-study and background reading, the translation assignments come with a clear task outline and your personal tutor will provide written feedback on your translations. Your one-to-one tutorials are conducted by email, phone or Skype and offer additional opportunities for exchange with your tutor.

Course content

Students on the Introductory Course get:

  • The Translator Training course book
  • Six translation assignments in subject area(s) of your choice, evaluated by your tutor
  • Three tutorials, conducted by phone, Skype or email

Course duration and enrolment

You may enrol on the course at any time of the year and you can follow it from anywhere in the world. You maintain contact with your tutor via email and/or phone at times that suit you, and you choose the pace at which you work. Your timetable is up to you, all we ask is that you keep a firm eye on your goal and complete your course within 12 months of enrolling. You can spend some time initially on reading about translation or tackle your practical assignments right away, building up the skills level required in the profession and in an examination. Our flexible course structure allows you to blend study with work and family commitments.

The Translator Training course book

The course book offers an accessible framework for developing basic translation skills, introducing you to some fundamental concepts.

  • It offers advice on managing your study goals, structuring your time, sourcing useful practice materials and developing practical routines.
  • It introduces key translation concepts and offers tips on developing and improving translation techniques.
  • It helps develop an awareness of different texts types and encourages critical reflection on the purpose of translation.
  • It explains the criteria by which translation quality is judged in professional and in academic contexts.

Your six translation assignments

The Introductory Course offers practical translation assignments set at a manageable level. The texts you will be working on are less challenging than those used for DipTrans exam preparation but still cover a range of general and semi-specialised domains. You can develop the necessary translation routines and speed gradually, and your tutor’s feedback will be geared towards your particular level, with an emphasis on comprehension and translation techniques.

You may choose your six translation assignments in any combination from the following areas:

  • General media texts
  • Business/Economy
  • Literature
  • Technology/Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Law

Each assignment, i.e. one text of approx. 400 to 500 words, is accompanied by pre-translation activities as well as post-assessment exercises, all designed to build up your analytical skills. For each assignment, you will have time to think about your approach, prepare terminology and do some reading on the subject in your target language. Your tutor will revise your translation and provide constructive comments for you to reflect on before you move on to the next assignment.

When you enrol, just tell us which area or areas you wish to practise and we will provide you with material tailored to your choice.

Three tutorials
Your one-to-one tutorials offer the opportunity to discuss your achievements and can be scheduled at appropriate intervals throughout the course. Your personal tutor will be available, by appointment, for three tutorials of approximately 15 minutes each, to clarify any unresolved issues arising from your assignments, or to discuss approaches to translation. Your one-to-one tutorials can be conducted by phone, Skype or email, and contact is initiated by the student.

Tutor support
You will have your own personal tutor to support you throughout the course; his or her contact details will be sent to you after you have enrolled.

Your tutor will

  • help you establish a study routine and may give you guidance on the order in which to tackle your assignments.
  • assess your translation assignments and provide detailed, written feedback, normally within 10 days of receipt, suggesting aspects that you may have to reflect on in more depth.
  • suggest reasonable study and revision periods between assignments to enable you to keep tabs on your progress and to build up your confidence as you learn to translate.
  • help you identify any areas that you may need to develop and recommend additional or remedial work and further reading.
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