Follow-up course

simultaneousFollow-Up Courses are available to students who have already completed the Improver’s Course and wish to broaden their range of subject areas and/or deepen their translation skills under the watchful eye of an experienced tutor. Follow-Up Courses are intended to help you to fine-tune your skills, build on your strengths and focus on specific problem areas. They can also serve as a rehearsal or "mock-exam" done under strict exam conditions.

Course format and delivery

Follow-Up Courses are delivered in the same way as the Improver’s Course, providing detailed feedback on translation assignments and an added focus on time management. For complete flexibility, you choose how intensively you want to work. There are three Follow-up options:

Package 1:
3 translation assignments + 1 tutorial
Package 2:
4 translation assignments + 2 tutorials
Package 3:
6 translation assignments + 3 tutorials

Course duration and enrolment

You can enrol on a Follow-up Course at any time of the year after you have completed the Improver’s Course, and you can follow it from anywhere in the world. You maintain contact with your tutor via email and/or phone at times that suit you, and you choose the pace at which you work as long as you complete your course before your scheduled examination session or within 12 months of enrolling.

Tutor support

Your personal tutor – the person you worked with previously or someone else depending on availability – will support you throughout the course, advising you on a personal study plan with reasonable study and revision periods between assignments and tutorials, to enable you to keep tabs on your progress and to make best use of the time available before your scheduled examination.

Your tutor will assess your translation assignments and provide detailed comments, normally within 10 days of receipt. The feedback will also include suggestions for additional or remedial work and further reading.


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