Kieran (German – English)

I have just heard that I passed Units 2 & 3, which I took in January 2022. That means that I passed all three units first time (Unit 1 taken in January 2021). Having returned to translation after a very long time gap since my university days and a brief stint working as a translator in my 20s, I knew I needed someone to oversee my study. The exams are by no means easy – quite the contrary! For me, the hardest thing was the battle against the clock and I practised with loads of past papers to a strict time limit. I learnt that the standards required for the target language are very high indeed, even though I am translating into my native language. The Translator Training courses run by Susanne James Associates provided a much-needed focus for me throughout my time of study. Susanne and my tutor Chris gave excellent support and critical but encouraging comments – you don’t really know how good or bad you are until somebody carefully reads your translations and assesses them. I was sent plenty of practice materials to work on and found the feedback invaluable. I also think the courses are very reasonably priced compared to a university degree, and I’m very pleased to have done all the work to get this postgraduate qualification.
Kieran H, January 2022 (German - English)


Alexia (Spanish – English)

I thought you’d be happy to hear that I passed the literary paper and therefore the whole DipTrans exam. I can’t quite believe it as I was haunted by the idea that I might have made a few mistakes. But there you go, perhaps it’s part of becoming a better translator. Thank you for all your invaluable help with the preparation.
Alexia H, January 2022 (Spanish – English)


Chitika (German – English)

I would like to share my good news with you: I have passed my January 2022 DipTrans examinations, all three units, and was quite astounded to see I earned a "merit" for the general text. I am so very grateful to my tutor, Chris, for the training and tutoring. I found the exams very challenging, with the time constraints, but had a healthy level of confidence in tackling them, due to all the preparation and helpful advice.
I will now be able to undertake translation work with the knowledge that I am well qualified.
Chitika W, January 2022 (German - English)


Emma (Italian - English)

I am thrilled with the result as I never thought a Distinction was attainable, I was always just aiming for a pass to complete the Diploma! I have to say that my tutor was very wise in persuading me to try out a Literature paper quite early on, given that the Business one just did not seem to suit me at all (even though I previously got a Merit in the Law option and would have liked to pursue another ‘commercial' subject). Without that suggestion I’m not sure I would have completed the qualification!! Thank you for all the help and advice and for steering me in the right direction. I am now looking to upgrade to the full member status and to become a Chartered Linguist.
Emma M, January 2022 (Italian - English)


Anke (English – German)

I just received my exam results, and I passed all three papers with good grades: one Merit and two Distinctions. I can’t quite believe it... I want to thank everyone at Translator Training for the great support you provided. Your constructive criticism made me work harder, think more deeply about each task approach the exam with confidence. I’m so glad I did it – it feels good to be properly qualified.
Anke B, January 2022 (English – German)


Catherine (Italian - English)

I thought I'd share my good news: I passed units 1 and 2 and got a Distinction in unit 3. It was a relief to get these results because one never knows… I am thinking of obtaining the examiner's notes to see their comments on the three papers, particularly as I felt better about my General and Literature translations.
It was a pleasure working with my tutor and having her wisdom and experience to see me through the preparation stage. Even though I have many years of translation and editing experience and a BA in my source languages, I’m glad I now have a formal translation qualification. This course was very useful to fill in some of the academic gaps in my training. It helped me confirming and breaking down many of the translation techniques and approaches I've already been using in my work. I would like to thank Translator Training for all your help in preparing for the exam.
Catherine S, January 2022 (Italian - English)


Aurélie (English - French)

This is just to let you know that I have now passed all my units with two merits and one distinction, in Law. As you can imagine, I am delighted. Although it was hard work, it was well worth going for this qualification. The tutors you found for me were absolutely great, especially Philippe, and they all gave me really good advice which I always tried to follow. I think it has paid off! Thank you for everything.
Aurélie B, January 2022 (English - French)


María Daniela (English - Spanish)

I’m just writing to let you know I passed my General exam, and I even got a merit! I am over the moon! I still cannot believe it. Thanks so much for your help and guidance, Susanne, and special thanks to Santiago for being such a supportive tutor! I think my decision paid off to approach the exam in stages, because my regular work takes up a lot of my time and energy. I’ve just enrolled on another of your courses to start preparing for the second unit… and I’m looking forward to the challenge.
María Daniela S, January 2022 (English - Spanish)

María Daniela

Carole (English - French)

I just wanted to thank you both for your professionalism and your support before the DipTrans 2021. The Improver's course has been invaluable for me, and I was impressed with the materials and the service from day one. In fact, I could not have done without it! It was hard work whilst working full-time in an already demanding job but I do not regret having chosen this course for exam revision. I actually enjoyed translating the texts given in the exam, and I feel confident. Thank you once again, Karine and Susanne, for your attention and help before E-day.
Carole J, 2021

Carole (English - French)

Jack (German - English)

Just wanted to take the time to, once again, thank you for all your help over the past few months and in light of the exam I took today. It was nothing quite like I have ever translated in my entire career as a linguist and a hellish feat to manage with seven giant dictionaries and no access to online terminology... That said, I did do my best and so, judging by my performance in the mock papers and the feedback from Devorah, I think I have done okay. If I do pass, which I am of course hoping for, it will be another string to my bow, and if I don't... Well, at least I can say I tried and I learnt an awful lot in the process. I told my tutor, Devorah, this morning as well that I would never have stood a chance if it were not for both of you helping me along the way. I am honestly truly grateful for the experience, which has been an important element in my development both personally and professionally. Nochmal herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe. Ohne Sie und Devorah hätte ich es nie geschafft, mich ausreichend auf die Herausforderung vorzubereiten.
Jack S, 2021

Jack (German - English)

Ian (French - English)

I wanted to say how fantastic Ann was and how helpful the online courses were. In the small follow-up course, which I took in the run-up to this year's exam, we addressed a few remaining issues as well as techniques that I found particularly helpful for the new online exam. I have just finished a professional translation on a voluntary basis of an annual report for a French NGO and they gave me some very positive feedback, which is something I can put on my work résumé. The whole experience has been very encouraging and supportive, and it really boosted my confidence.
Ian A, 2021

Ian (French - English)

Sarah (Italian - English)

I’ve just finished my literary translation course and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Linda was an excellent tutor and was very generous with both her time and knowledge. I really can't recommend your services highly enough. I regularly have big editorial projects as well as my teaching but it was such a pleasure to do the translations and learn more that I was determined to find time. I’m also pleased to have received a course completion certificate for my CPD record.
Sarah G, 2021

Sarah (Italian - English)

David (English - Danish)

I have now completed all the translation assignments and want to thank you for providing this course. It has been very useful and focused on exactly those things I wanted to improve. The feedback from Tine Haurum has been excellent, very thorough and relevant. I’ve learned a great deal and feel much more confident now when I take on new work assignments.
David B, 2020, USA

David (English - Danish)

Shirley (Spanish & French > English)

I meant to tell you my ITI assessment result, but life is a little crazy with work and home-schooling! I'm very happy I passed on my first attempt. It is definitely a more user-friendly and realistic test but also more specialised. I felt well prepared. Sue is an excellent tutor, especially for a relative newcomer like myself. She gave copious feedback, aligned with the evaluation criteria, and her alternative suggestions were always useful. When I decided to switch gears from DipTrans to ITI, she prepared materials especially to coach me for the ITI, which I greatly appreciated. I am learning a lot from Ann as well, in my current F-E course. Her feedback is different and more to the point but equally useful. She has mentioned one of her books, which I've downloaded to my Kindle and am reading. Thanks very much also for the other book recommendations. I look forward to reading them!
Shirley E, 2020

Shirley (Spanish & French > English)

Rachel (English - French)

I thought I’d write to you to let you know that following my course in 2018/2019, I took the DipTrans exam in January 2020, and I am pleased to report that I passed all three parts. So, I wanted to say a big thank you to you and to my tutor Julie, for your help and guidance in preparing me for the exam.
And thank you also for the written confirmation that I completed the course, which I will record as CPD.
Rachel W, 2020

Rachel (English - French)

Emmanuelle (English - French)

I got the results yesterday : I was awarded a Distinction for my Technology translation. I am really happy about that as this completes my other two passes from previous sessions.
I didn't know a lot about the subject (Cooling systems) but I had worked a lot on how to translate technology texts. I was not sure whether I got everything right on the day but my tutor, Marie, had helped me enormously to build up my confidence and abilities. I would like to thank you, Susanne, for your advice, for the pep talk and all the documents you sent me, you helped me a lot. I recently started working part-time as a translator and am enjoying the challenges…
Emmanuelle T, 2020

Emmanuelle (English - French)

Richard (Russian - English)

You helped me prepare for the DipTrans, two papers of which I picked up at the first attempt in 2017, with the third following on later. I want to thank you again, Tim and Susanne, for setting me on the right road. By choice I now do literary translation only. I've had a novella published by CUP, and several short stories have been picked up by literary magazines. A selection of WWII poems will be coming out in an anthology later this year, and I've just finished something of a blockbuster thriller-documentary, which will come out next year. I'm currently working on a range of fiction, and have just signed a contract to translate an award-winning Russian novel. Getting the DipTrans did wonders for my confidence; it was an absolutely essential step for me, and I'll always be grateful to you for preparing me so well for it, and in general for sending me off in the right direction.
Richard C, 2020

Richard (Russian - English)

Luciana (English - Portuguese)

I am very glad to let you know that I passed all three parts of the DipTrans, two of which with Distinction. I could never have achieved such results without the attentive guidance of my tutor Gabriela, who helped me immensely with her advice, attention to detail, motivation, sharing her experience, her books... I have a lot to thank her, and you, Susanne, for such good service you provide! It’s an excellent and enjoyable course.
Luciana T, 2020
Note from the Director:
We congratulate Luciana on her great achievement and winning the Peter Newmark Award for Best Candidate in the Literature option, in 2019! The prize is given to the candidate who achieves the highest mark in the DipTrans Literature option in any language combination. Well done!

Luciana (English - Portuguese)

Suzanne (Chinese - English)

I received my DipTrans result today and am very pleased to tell you that I passed – I now have the full Diploma! I passed the general paper with ‘merit’ in 2016 and the business paper the following year. The social science paper took another attempt, most likely because of my poor time management and careless mistakes.
It was definitely worthwhile doing two courses under Sharon's guidance. She is an excellent mentor and an outstanding translator. She not only helped me through the exams but set a high benchmark of professional standards that have continued to guide me in my work. As a China researcher at the BBC World Service, I regularly translate and also have to give feedback to overseas staff on Chinese-to-English translations. I've been able to draw from my experience of Sharon's online mentoring and to improve my approach when revising the translations of others.
Suzanne L, 2019

Suzanne (Chinese - English)

Hiro (English - Japanese)

Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the introductory course, which I took for my professional development. My tutor Akiko-san gave me a lot of advice and taught me many different translation techniques that I didn't know, so I'm very pleased! This course allowed me to practice translating several different genres which really increased my ability and versatility. I’m also pleased to have my completion certificate, which will be very useful. Thank you so much again!
Hiro S, 2019, USA

Hiro (English - Japanese)

Mette (English - Danish)

Thank you for the certificate. I thoroughly enjoyed the translation course. I feel so much more confident and am getting better results professionally as well. I would love to do more training with you and will come back when possible.
Mette P, 2019, California

Mette (English - Danish)

Veronique (English - French)

I want to say how professional I found the Translator Training courses I took. The practice texts were as challenging as those presented on the day and the feedback from my tutor Marie was particularly valuable to improve both technique and overall translation skills. I finally got my results, with a Pass and Merit for Units 1 & 2. While I prepare for another go at Unit 3, I would also like to practise for the DPSI exam’s translation parts, again with one of your online courses. I want to feel well prepared again as that alone helps to reduce the stress of the day. Thank you…
Veronique M, 2019

Veronique (English - French)

Jean (German - English)

Just to let you know that I passed my translation exams: General Distinction; Business Pass; Social Science Merit. I was happy with the results particularly as the exam coincided with a very difficult and distressing personal time. I would like to thank you for your support in providing a good preparation course at short notice, and I’m particularly grateful to my tutor, Chris, who gave me very useful tips on exam strategies!
Jean C, 2018, Ireland

Jean (German - English)

Fuschia (Italian - English)

I was delighted (and speechless!) when I heard that I passed my DipTrans – with a merit for all three papers! Thank you so much, Linda, for your insightful and encouraging feedback these past two years, you helped me to understand exactly what the examiners are looking for, and to understand my strengths and weaknesses, which really helped with planning my time for study and the exam. Leaving lots of time for proofreading was particularly key!
I was relieved that the papers in the exam felt comfortable and seemed easier than some of the practice papers I’d worked on before. I also followed your advice doing timed translations using articles taken from the Italian press every day for a few months, so I got a routine down pat. It was hard work but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was definitely worth putting myself through the paces.
Once I had the qualification under my belt, I was taken seriously by translation agencies and really advanced my career as a translator. It also meant I automatically became an Associate Member of the CIoL, another source of credibility to potential clients. I now work with a mix of agencies and direct clients, one of my specialisations being transcreation, something that Linda introduced me to while I was studying. And I’ve started with a copywriting course…
Fuschia H, 2018

Fuschia (Italian - English)

Jenny (Spanish - English)

I’ve recently received my results and am very pleased with the outcome. I’m extremely grateful to Translator Training. Sue is a brilliant tutor, and her advice and encouragement were a tremendous help. I'm sure I wouldn't have had such a good outcome without her support.
Jenny K, 2018

Jenny (Spanish - English)

Geoffrey (German – English

Just to let you know that I got a Distinction (literary text) and two Merits (general, social science) in the DipTrans exam. I am of course very pleased and have written to my tutor, Stephen, to tell him the news and thank him. Many thanks to your efficient course and for all your guidance!
Geoffrey P, 2018

Geoffrey (German – English

Liliana - English into Spanish

I joined the course in September to sit for the next CIoL –Business exam in January. It was great to find a course that could be so flexible and easy to adjust to personal circumstances. I received the tuition I needed promptly and efficiently. My tutor, Toni, was always very professional, enthusiastic and encouraging. I would recommend their services to all those wishing to sit the CIoL exam.


Cathy (Italian-English)

Being able to study from home while continuing my job was very important to me. The course advisor talked me through the various aspects that I needed to consider. Once my mind was made up, enrolling was easy and I was ready. The course materials arrived promptly and, knowing that I had a mentor standing by, I was able to start with confidence. Learning from home turned out to be much more satisfying than I imagined… I'm thrilled I've gained the Diploma and couldn't have done it without this dedicated course!


Helen (English-French)

For the past two years I have been following your translation courses to get my Diploma in Translation. In my first attempt managed to get Papers 2 and 3, and Paper 1 in the next. Your course had been recommended to me and I am glad I followed that advice. I would like to add that Caroline has been really good – in fact instrumental in getting me up to the level required for this examination. I am grateful and also proud.


Julie (German-English)

I was delighted to discover yesterday that I passed Paper 1 of the Diploma in Translation and I am writing just to thank you for your distance learning course without which I feel I would not have passed. I would like to make special mention of my tutor, Stephen, who was extremely helpful and encouraging.


Irina (English-Russian)

I have just received my results: I passed all units and am now a qualified translator! I am delighted because it was a demanding test. Your course was vital to my success – I could not have done it without. I have very much enjoyed working with Lucy, and her help and guidance were essential to my preparation. Thank you very much!


Bernie (Spanish-English)

The long-awaited day finally arrived, and to my astonishment I was awarded two Distinctions and a Merit! Although I felt reasonably pleased with my performance on the exam day, I certainly had not expected the results to be quite so good. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased, and somewhat relieved. Most importantly though, I want to say a very big thank you to each of you, because I know that I would not have been able to make it without the tremendous support and guidance that you provided along the way.


Marco (Portuguese-English)

Having received my DipTrans results in the post this morning, I thought I'd send you a quick email to share them with you. I trust you will be as delighted as I was to hear that not only have I passed but that I managed a Distinction on all 3 papers. As you can imagine, this has exceeded all expectations. Thank you for your brilliant help and support, without which I am sure I wouldn't have done so well.


Caitlin (German-English)

I just thought I would let you know my results - I was very happy to achieve Distinction in Literature, Merit in Social Science and Pass in General. I am currently travelling in Australia where I managed to pick up some translation work. When I return to England I intend to set up business as a freelance translator.  Thanks for your help in passing the exam, and thanks also to my tutor, Stephen, whose advice I found extremely helpful.


Alison (Spanish-English)

Good news, I passed my Spanish to English IoL DipTrans exam! As you can imagine I was thrilled. Once again, thank you for your help with the translation study courses, and particularly for assigning Sue as one of my tutors! The advice she offered has been invaluable.


Deborah (German-English)

I am absolutely delighted to have passed everything in one sitting. The Merit in the General is the icing, too! Your course was just the right thing – the practical approach with lots of real translation and Stephen's personal feedback was perfect. Reference book recommendations have been ideal, too. I have just had the exciting opportunity to take part in a literary translation competition and as I intend to add the IoL ‘Literature' option to my credentials I shall be in touch again for more preparation.


Joanna (German-English)

Just wanted to let you know that I have finally received notification from the IOL of this year's DipTrans results, and am delighted to say I passed the Business paper and even managed a Merit in the Social Sciences paper! I shall sleep much better tonight than I have done the past few weeks! Many thanks to all of you for your help – getting this qualification is a great psychological boost. Now I will use it to add impetus to my freelancing career!


Michel (English-French)

I have just completed the last phase of the preparation for the DipTrans examination. Both my tutors have provided me with extremely thorough feedback on my work and have enabled me to make good progress. Their approach has been rigorous and professional, and they concentrated on my specific needs. Whatever the outcome of the examination, they have given me confidence in my ability to offer my services as a translator and made this experience very rewarding. I would like to express my gratitude for the quality of the course you offer and wish you and your team many years of success.


Tony (Spanish-English)

This is just a short note to thank you for your assistance with my preparation for the Diploma in Translation. I think I did reasonably well in the exam although I doubt that I passed all three papers, Business being the most likely failure. If I have to retake any part I'll be back in touch for a top-up course next year. I would also like to put on record my appreciation of my tutor's efforts. Both his written feedback and telephone tutorial support were extremely well-informed and helpful, and his general attitude throughout helped convince me that I could have a meaningful go at translation. Suffice to say, I would certainly recommend your course to anybody I come across who is thinking of trying for this exam. Many thanks again.


Elizabeth (Polish-English; German-English)

Having completed your course and gained the confidence to enter for the exam, I have just received my results and am thrilled! I wanted to tell you how helpful my tutor was - both due to the useful tips and books he recommended and his friendly, down-to-earth approach. Thank you very much for setting me up with him!


Donatella (English-Italian)

This year has really flown by and I've been meaning to share the good news: I passed my IoL Paper Three exam and am now proud holder of the postgraduate diploma in translation! Many thanks once again for all your help in my reaching this important professional milestone. The support both you and my tutor provided was invaluable to me.


Adele (French-English; Italian-English)

I am delighted to tell you that I passed my Paper 2 Business in French and have therefore received my Diploma in Translation. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky in the Italian-English exam but I knew it would be a challenge to attempt two in the same year. I will speak to you soon about another course with Linda. I have been very pleased with my studies with both tutors and thank you personally for your advice, help and interest whenever I phone.


David (German-English)

Just to say that I passed the Diploma exam – with merit in all three papers. A distinction would have been nice, but you can't have everything. So many many thanks to you and Olwyn. I am now part of the team translating the English edition of the FAZ. It looks just like the original. Very old-fashioned but quite classy!


John (French-English)

Received the result of the exam in this morning's post and I am smiling.  A pass in Unit 2! Two down and one to go. Many thanks to you, Caroline and Edmund for all the help given, and I'm looking forward to starting another follow-up course soon.


Claire (German-English)

I've been meaning to drop you a line since I've had the results of my DipTrans exam. I have to say that I found the exam day itself horrible! I had forgotten what it is like to sit in a large exam hall and be told to turn over my exam paper and begin and I was absolutely exhausted after the seven hours. That said, I managed to pass, with a merit in the Business Paper. So I would just like to thank you and particularly Olwyn for the assistance I was given leading up to the exam.


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